January 9, 2012
21st May 2011


Note: This is one of a series involving a lesbian student-teacher couple, because I get off on age discrepancies, and public places, and lovely things like that. They are an established couple at this point.

At the end of the lesson she called me over to her desk, and when the last of my classmates had left, told me to sit on it. I sat directly in front of her chair, legs either side of hers, open and ready. She moved her chair closer, kissing open mouthed at my throat, pulling down my tie to suck at a collarbone. She pulled my shirt out from my skirt and slid a hand underneath, cold at first, sending skitters along my stomach as it traced its way up to my bra. Her other hand slipped under my skirt, rubbing gently at my pants, pressing her fingers, and the fabric, between my lips and against my clit.

We kissed, slow and long, as she worked my clit and twisted a nipple through my bra. I moaned into her mouth and she swallowed the sound with a hum, slipping her fingers around the edge of my knickers and into the wetness within.

I nudged my hips upwards, moving my pelvis over the edge of the desk to allow her access to my hole, wanting to feel her fingers twist inside me, rub at me until I came.

But she pulled away, saying, “Stand up and bend over the desk.”

I took a deep breath and then obeyed, leps trembling under my weight. I kissed her lips as I turned and she flicked her tongue against me. Then I turned, bending and sticking my bottom into her face, feeling skitters in my stomach at the open feeling, pressing my face into the paperwork lying on the desk.

She rubbed her hands over my arse before pushing my skirt up, admiring the view. My teacher ran her fingers along the edge of my pants, tracing the lines over my bum and into my crotch where the fabric was see-through with my wetness.

I shivered at the touch and she leant in, licking the fabric and pressing it against my centre. I moaned into the desk, pushing back against the touch.

She finally pulled down my pants, and unlocking a desk drawer, removed a vibrator which she clicked on. The soft hum filled the air and I trembled at the sound.

She ran the softly vibrating instrument down my pussy, pressing it against my clit and then into my hole. I cried out with pleasure, and she let it vibrate inside me, lovingly licking my clit.

Then the bell for the end of break went, and with a last loving lick, she pulled up my pants over the vibrator, still inside me, sending shudders along the fabric of my knickers.

She pulled down my skirt and gave my bum a pat.

“Go and sit back down then, the lesson’s about to begin.”

I gaped into my hands, unable to move at the feel of the vibrator still deep inside me, face red with embarrassment at the thought of a lesson with it making me orgasm again and again, my teacher looking on, along with my friends.

After a minute I stood shakily, and made my way to my desk before collapsing into my chair. I let out a moan as the position put more pressure on the dildo, and rocked my hips forward. The first students were beginning to enter.

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